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My incoherant babble notes from this episode, stay for the after credit sequence 


Kale tekken trash talk
I/we don’t understand benefits packages I’m not sure we're adults
some school shit
Being adults and osha stuff
Baby mama drama soda style
You gon learn today
Copyright wdwho podcast
Adam. West. Obit
Kael getting student of the month

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)this episode was recorded before injusticast)


Injustice 2 in 2 weeks

 Bill nye and peoples problems with him

Justin and/or Kristopher broke 




2505 accidental pause


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Your mighty and fearless director here again and its been a while since we recorded this one and quite honestly i dont remember what we talked about. So instead of giving the podcast a good listen and figuring that out im just gonna copy and paste my notes for this episode verbatum. you try to make sense out of them, i cant really. (Hint: since we recorded the episdoes on the same day, im probbly gonna do the same thing for the next one too! To make it more fun i wont give this little intro explaining myself on the next episode)



Robert finally made it (bottle cap into the bucket, we have low standards)

un sports therapy land

Kris whoring out the podcast

Throwing out the gauntlet with the corner spot for kickball and beer tournament

Cat shenanigans


20:05 split for nachos


Title explanation, Robert made a bottle cap into the 


Browsers millions seagways into strip clubs


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