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because i take notes that dont make sense, enjoy!


Bow down to our ape overlords

Ready player one 


Return of the dawn of the rise of the dark of of the moon of the planet of the apes


Moana and the rock and shit


Desposito white wash


Roberts new job and the bane of his existence… duh duh duh John


Starch and starch and starch and starch


Steam burns


Kris homeless?


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Ep 86: Yo Whadup whadup


86 was a good year

What the fuck are nazis?

Sling God

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Ep 85: Takeover


In this episode our heroes... Aren't there. This episode is all Kathie, Jacob, & Tabby take over because the rest of us had some stuff to do like lakes and work and wedding shit. My total involvement is editing the episode and writing up the episode decription. When asked for a description of the podcast for this episode my lovely wife responded with " I dont know, we talk about being parents and shit." 

Also, I dont know why i told them that this was episode 85, but seeinng as we've already recorded 86 im just gonna say episode 84 is the lost episode and leave it at that. we never recorded 84 but its lost now.

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