Girl chris not Kris Kris

Cee Jay is starting fights with the wrong people


Title cont. & a Safeway driver


Alternat title if ceeJay hsdnt crossed me: OH no my boiled eggs


Like for reals


The Safeway backroom story


Left and right


This is making cee jay crazy (the typing)


Making kale into an old person


There are stories after the podcast, not for you but for us.


The joes fire, so its a thing



babies wear mom suits

CJ, i want you to know i had some hilarious edit nots and it turns out laziness way outweighs pettiness at this specific time 


Civil War V. Injustice


Cylons that sound like Knight Rider and Hal 9000


you need nothing else, only z bar


The podcast is up and sone dude. you dont gotta remind me every six month to get it done jeeze man. 


In this special edition of Why Do We Hang Out we have the guys from Groks Games over to show us their game "Annihilation Zombie" and it was a blast. Playing the game was awsome and we hope you enjoy listening and learning about the game. a few additional notes about the episode:


Like Groks Games on Facebook


Go to groksgames.com, buy the game already, type zombie10 in the promotion code at checkout and enjoy the damn game


Alternate Episode title: Gameisode 9000


Kris and PJ steal the show again starts funny ends on a bit of a downer but the middle is filled with that sweet podcast love


The War of the Stars review and a clever little Dad joke!


Pj and kris have another fun adventure with the low security of the wdwho podcast and highjacked it like a mofo!


Talkin about justice league like were not in the room


Kris and his new girlfriend CJ, she cool


Titles and shit


Pj and his followers


Kris doing the thing where he does does the thing where he sells you his shit so he can get it for cheaper


What youre snake monkeys now?


Lady boys? Yes


Robert will suck yo dick for some sugar


The great oatmeal debacle


Cup o noodle cancer and fires


Racism and inside jokes


It’s another highjacking! Kris and Pj are at it again with a review of JL! This time it’s betterish longer and stays kinda on point not unlike the movie, enjoy!!


Kris and pj decided to make a new podcast within a podcast it’s meta like!! We call it GeekY Crap! We’ll be doing them from time to time then make it it’s own thing with Blackjack and hookers! Without the blackjacks and hookers!


its been a minute I kniw... sorry. We"ve had real adult lives and getting togethter has been a fucking challenge. new episodes soon i make half hearted promises. 


How the fuck did we miss making a back to the future referance with ep 88


follow your dreams unless your dreams are to murder people


pee ponds


When Jacob gets drunk he does it right


I get the whole gender equality bull shit

Nurse who? (Listen before you judge me)

Can you smell what the rock is cooking?
Orange tater tot

The rock and sock connection res and vice president tag team

I eat me’s -galactus

Wonder Woman *spoilers*

First dude derailment

Justin the Syrian hate crime

Jay buster armor


in this episode our heroes discuss current topics of the day, for once. we discuss the rise of the third reich in america and why maybe thats a bad thing.like for reals. And remember kids if you are into the flat earth or white supremecy than maybe staring at the sun is for you.


because i take notes that dont make sense, enjoy!


Bow down to our ape overlords

Ready player one 


Return of the dawn of the rise of the dark of of the moon of the planet of the apes


Moana and the rock and shit


Desposito white wash


Roberts new job and the bane of his existence… duh duh duh John


Starch and starch and starch and starch


Steam burns


Kris homeless?



86 was a good year

What the fuck are nazis?

Sling God

Ep 85: Takeover


In this episode our heroes... Aren't there. This episode is all Kathie, Jacob, & Tabby take over because the rest of us had some stuff to do like lakes and work and wedding shit. My total involvement is editing the episode and writing up the episode decription. When asked for a description of the podcast for this episode my lovely wife responded with " I dont know, we talk about being parents and shit." 

Also, I dont know why i told them that this was episode 85, but seeinng as we've already recorded 86 im just gonna say episode 84 is the lost episode and leave it at that. we never recorded 84 but its lost now.


My incoherant babble notes from this episode, stay for the after credit sequence 


Kale tekken trash talk
I/we don’t understand benefits packages I’m not sure we're adults
some school shit
Being adults and osha stuff
Baby mama drama soda style
You gon learn today
Copyright wdwho podcast
Adam. West. Obit
Kael getting student of the month


)this episode was recorded before injusticast)


Injustice 2 in 2 weeks

 Bill nye and peoples problems with him

Justin and/or Kristopher broke 




2505 accidental pause



Your mighty and fearless director here again and its been a while since we recorded this one and quite honestly i dont remember what we talked about. So instead of giving the podcast a good listen and figuring that out im just gonna copy and paste my notes for this episode verbatum. you try to make sense out of them, i cant really. (Hint: since we recorded the episdoes on the same day, im probbly gonna do the same thing for the next one too! To make it more fun i wont give this little intro explaining myself on the next episode)



Robert finally made it (bottle cap into the bucket, we have low standards)

un sports therapy land

Kris whoring out the podcast

Throwing out the gauntlet with the corner spot for kickball and beer tournament

Cat shenanigans


20:05 split for nachos


Title explanation, Robert made a bottle cap into the 


Browsers millions seagways into strip clubs




This special edition of WDWHO is us playing injustice 2. We had to get this one out before everyone played the game. this is as fresh as our podcast gets. 


Mini episode because we don't have a bunch of time so here's a little episode to satisfy your wdwho thirst


In this episode our heroes discuss how Jorell and Justin dont ruin Kris' "game", we talk about how all bad news should be delivered with cupcakes, and tabby tells us that just because you're pregnant it doesnt mean your face is. Enjoy. Also, kris tells me that some of you like these decriptions, thanks.


in this episode our heroes discuss D&D, Gog and Magog, and $80 keyboards. 


In this episode our heroes discuss Jellyfish, no shit, jellyfish. Jay and Jessica... just jessica. The spice girls and our disussion of northern ireland and the united kingdom. and man mon dogs like warewolves, no man dogs. 


We play super fight again with a special guest super boss at the end, enjoy.


we get our two minutes of hate in on the president and then get on with our lives


Its just Kris Jorell and Jacob this week because the other two are disposed. of course we bitch about El presidente and then we get on with it. enjoy!


Mmmm Hmmm


we used to keep notes, but now we dont so i have no idea what to call this episode. fact of the matter is the old computer was crappin out and then the the new computer wasnt up yet and in the middle of it our account with our podcast provider lapsed. alll this to say, shit happened and i have no idea what this episode is about. Enjoy! its like the mystery bags and boxes that the kids are into these days.


Hey everybody! everyone is finally back together for a podcast and we didnt do the mythical Jay and Silent Bob cast. it feels like we'll never get it done but someday we will, i promise.


Part 2 of our epic commentary of John Carpenters classic escape from LA


In which our heroes provide movie commentary for John Carpenters movie classic, Escape From LA.

Ep 69: Messages


69... tee hee. we leave eachother fucked up voicemails. answer your fucking phone. For example i put five minutes of voice mails at the end of this cast.


Chitty Chitty chat chat


double fuck it. only 39 minutes uploaded the first time so heres the rest of it. all fixed

Ep 67: Fu*k It


The one where we play video games for the whole podcast because we were a little bummed about the new *sigh* president elect. Sorry its been a while, novemeber and december were busy months. we should be regular again now.


I would probably have a better title for this episode but that is all the grand note taker extrordinair wrote down so that is now the episode title.


We get schooled about how babies are made by 4 year old Ellyot


Herr director is gone today, took Atticus to a his last hockey game before little dudes surgery. Annnnnnnddd because he wasn't there for podcast and because there were some poor notes left behind, I (Jorell) have no idea what this episode is about. Kathie tells me its all over the place (when is it not?) and she says they talked a lot about TV. This is the first episode i haven't been on and its a weird feeling. I've been late before but never absent, so I'm looking forward to it, so um, GAME ON!


Todays topics include but are not limited to:

Bumper Sticker lady

Kris and his cat

Robert doesn't like us anymore

The Great barrier reef

oh, and Jo Hos

Another glitchy episode, Sorry bout that. still good but it still jumps through time in some intervals. It's probably Justin's fault.


Hey, sorry its late and stuff. some weird glitches happened in the intro and at the end of the episode. sorry and shit. love you


Super fight again fool. The girls joined us this time, super happy fun time yay!



-We missed Justin, So bad
-Shut your whore mouth
-The Cartel Was Right Outside
-Cheesy Bread Logic
-Teach A Homeless Guy to do Anything
-The Babel Fish Logic

Andy is back again in this episode as we discuss Kael's new John Cena backpack, Jehovahs witnesses, and sperm banks.

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